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Vogue Russia – We made it!

The first report about FUREDDO was printed in VOGUE Russia:

VG_Sureddo-Planet_4 voguetitle

While Russian speakers may enjoy the original article (the text on the images above is quite legible), we prepared a translation for the rest of us:

From Childhood

The image of matryoshka has been speculated on by many Russian brands, but the Fureddo designer succeeded to go without folk art

The 90-s pop song advice — “Hey people, don’t leave your dolls!” – sounds differently when you discover the story of a Muscovite Anastasia Strugaleva. Nastya’s childhood’s favourite toy was a plain matryoshka doll – one of those inexplicably present in any Soviet household. In order to refresh her worn out doll the girl was inventing bright pinafores, skirts and shirts. With years passing by a child’s hobby (and who did not draw dolls’ clothes?) developed into mission of a kind: Nastya persistently went on designing costumes even after all the dolls were left behind, and the young lady graduated in economics after her mother’s insistence. Today she releases garments at her Fureddo brand. The first full-featured collection was presented on Düsseldorf Fashion Week in Germany, and on October 22 Strugaleva will show items of the forthcoming season in Moscow. The collection was assembled in London after the Asian journey impression: the designer says that her work is an impression of Chinese and Russian folk costumes, as well as an attempt to draw parallels and to reveal some hidden ties between the cultures. The silk dresses with the bold designer matryoshka prints dispel all doubts – the main source of inspiration is nostalgia.

This article in printed magazine was preceded by another article, Japan Calling, exclusive to online version of VOGUE Russia.