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Fashionable translation from Japaneese

The German brand FUREDDO will present its first show in Russia on October 22, 2015 at 17-30. Thirty women’s and men’s SS16 items are aimed at consumer of any age. More than that – they are a translation of fashion from Japanese into Russian. The designer of the brand Anastasia Strugaleva, who has studied the culture of Japanese costume, shows Russian fashionistas the results of her research.

For the author the fashion show has become the symbol of ukyio – a drastically important feeling of transience of time, that’s flowing off the fingertips. A very Japanese feeling after the show, the garments and photographs will remain, but the happening going on a stage will only be stored in memory. Fashion’s evanescence and changeability that can be described with the term mudsyo only accentuates the importance of here and now moments of life. We should let them go without any sadness, like “the bold pumpkins mellowly twisting on the waves of the unknown” (Asasi Ryoi). This is one the reasons why the word “joy” is of such importance to the identification of FUREDDO DNA.

In the show the common ground of two cultures is Matryoshka – a doll having Japanese Seven Lucky Gods as prototypes. Anastasia composed a new style for her and located it on the author’s prints. The designer reveals ethnic ornaments and interprets them as the latest fashion trends. Cunning grins of matryoshkas, cute pandas and funny creatures from her dresses – all can be found there. Being stylized as art-emoji made in the technique of pixel graphics they are a kind of mosaic ornaments or the cross-stitched ones. Japanese playful approach to fashion covers the personality beyond formal methods, symbolism and national traditions that reminds of multiple layers of folk dolls. In Russian tradition the clothes also told about some personal points: of geographic or family status, but never of personality itself.

This degree of emotional security, adopted from national costume, is very important in the modern world. It opens the way of using the brightest styles and colors but prevents a person from self-revealing. Sincerity is seen in the choice of emotion, in the enjoyment of the moment. In the shape-generating elements of dresses the straight and sculptural silhouettes are used as well as original finishing details on the basis of different sorts of silk. The collection is characteristic of the blend of severity and gracefulness of lines with comfort, chic and refined beauty. Color is immensely important for the author – vibrant colorway alongside with print and geometry carries a separate message, the powerful positive charge. Such an approach can be met in Tokyo street fashion. These points of culture coupling became the basis of FUREDDO collection SS16.

Anastasia Strugaleva: «The Japanese are like an alien race representatives of earth for me, that are the trendsetters in fashion and technology. I see the FUREDDO wear just like this – like a message from another planet, where life is more interesting and daring, where even shades are sharper; it addresses strong and bright personalities. I see my task in making these messages amiable for the reserved earthlings to transform the contact with the unknown into pleasure and play. Everyone has different ideas of beauty, but everyone has got the same emotions.”